Eagle's Best Home Daycare
Has Openings

Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Amy Leinberger. I've been an Eagle resident for over 16 years and Iíve been running my in-home daycare for more than 20 years.

I would invite you to check out some of the information I am providing you on this site.  I ran my first in-home daycare for ten years while my oldest four children were growing up.

My husband and I added to our family a few years ago. Our youngest children are both boys, ages seven and eight.

I have many happy parents from over twenty years of providing my daycare service. They would love to tell you about their experience with me.

I am very skilled at caring for children and managing their behavior in a positive, effective manner that builds their self-esteem and gives them confidence.

If you are interested in a positive, loving, in-home environment for your child, contact me.

Nothing takes the place of face-to-face communication when you are trying to get a feel for what type of person your caregiver is.

I am looking forward to seeing and hearing from you.

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