Eagle's Best Home Daycare

Of course, "Eagle's Best" is only my opinion but let's examine what makes my daycare unique and truly in the running for the best daycare in Eagle.

  • I believe strongly that a daycare should be an extension of the child's family. It doesn't take the place of a family but it should work with and support the natural balance of the child's family unit.

  • I would be happy to provide you with numerous references.

  • I really enjoy children! I always have. I like to watch them change and grow and learn every day.

  • You are welcome to drop in anytime and check out the action.

  • I have been trained and am very skilled at encouraging proper social skills and positive behavior.

  • I am skilled at redirecting mis-behavior and care enough to set limits.

    You may have seen me featured a few year's ago on Channel 2's Parent to Parent segment.

  • I know how to effectively gain cooperation and I'm responsive to and able to read cues. This allows me to consciously promote healthy self-esteem.

  • By training children to do things for themselves, for the group or for the family, I promote self reliance and self confidence.

  • By using these skills, children learn to cooperate and contribute to the welfare of a group and gain a sense of emotional security.

  • In all my activities, I take time for training. Even teaching practical tasks such as, getting drinks for lunch, clearing table, tying shoes and picking up toys promotes self-reliance.

Check out my discipline policy page for more insight on effectively dealing with children.

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