Daycare Fees and Info

Operating Hours: 7:00-5pm, Tu - Fr
Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks Provided

Regular Full Time
Four Days per Week (9 hr day max.)
Full Day Children — $25.00 per day

— Siblings receive a 10% discount.

Regular Part Time (Only if space is available)
Three Days or Less per Week
All Children — $25.00 per day

— Minimum Charge per week is $50 regardless of attendance. (negotiable)

Half Dayer's
Any number of regular days per week.
$20 per day — up to 4 hours
(After four hours, full day applies.)

No Drop-Ins Allowed

Payday is each Friday morning or last scheduled day of the week unless other arrangements have been made.

Anytime a child is brought to my home it will be considered a regularly scheduled day.


Ask me about special deals for school holidays, vacations or summers.

Non-Payment for scheduled days off is negotiable.

You will not be charged for any holidays or other days that I am not available because of vacations or sickness. All other days are expected to be paid at the regular rate.
(note: In 20 years I was forced to close my daycare for only three days because of illness.)

General Policies

In all my years of running an in-home daycare I have never had any type of difficulties with payment or any other policy. However, I do require a signed copy of these policies, which I will provide, showing you have received and understand them.

Please provide the following (if applicable):

  • Immunization records - I must have a current copy of the child's records on file and it must be updated within 14 days of any immunization.
  • Diapers and wipes to be left at my home
  • One complete change of clothing to be left at my home.
  • blanket(s)
  • Medical Release Form (in case of emergency) I'll provide the form.

I will provide breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages. You may bring your own lunch.

Please put your child's name on his/her lunch or any other article to be left at my home.

Please do not bring a sick child to the Day Care.

If the child becomes ill while at my home, I will, unfortunately, have to ask his/her parent to pick him/her up.

Runny noses are fine unless he/she is also running a temperature.

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