Philosophy of Child Care

I prefer to have only a small number of children in my home.  These numbers will vary, however, depending entirely on the group dynamics of the children.

I like a structured environment but not regimented. In other words, I try to make things predictable for the children so they know what to expect and at what time.

I like to have educational activities and crafts on a regular basis but not so regimented that it stifles the creativity of the children. Free play is very valuable to a child's learning and development.

That's why I don't limit myself to a certain number of children. Sometimes four is just right and other times six is a better fit depending on age, maturity and group skills.

The playtime dynamics are affected by individual children and allowing them to pair up or group together in threes and fours improves social skills dramatically, provided their interactions are monitored closely.

Advantages of the In-Home Environment

A safe, loving environment is one of the biggest advantages of my in-home daycare.

I love connecting with the children from day to day and watching them grow up with my own kids.

These friendships have proved fruitful as my own children have grown. In my previous daycare, I had one family with three girls use my services for the entire ten years. These kids are more like part of our family, now, and I stay in touch with each of them. My youngest daughter still considers one of these children, her very best friend.

There are real advantages to learning and understanding your child's needs and supporting each parent's desires. Institutional daycares just can't provide the same stability.

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